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Hajaratu is a young Christian widow from Nigeria. Her husband, David Matthew, died of an illness in 2019, leaving her to care for her children on her own. On the night of July 10, 2020, the Fulani militants overtook her village.

That night Hajaratu lost so much more than her possessions, grain stores, animals and parts of her home. She survived the attack, but the gut-wrenching reality of life after that night has remained.

Hajaratu lost one of her young children while she fled the attackers. Now she is trying to come to grips with that loss while continuing to keep the rest of her family safe and fed.

Mary is a brave, young activist for Christians and other human rights in Iran. She has been imprisoned and arrested for her activities several times. She once spent six months in prison for being a member of a house church. She was mistreated in prison and has faced immense pressure outside of prison due to her faith. Her faith and activism have led to her expulsion from her university and cost her her job as a gymnastics teacher.

*Please note letters to Mary must be electronic only and should be sent to encourage@odcan.ca

Taher (father), Donya (mother), Arezoo (26, married and has a 1-year-old son) and Farah (16).

This Christian family comes from a Muslim background has been through a lot of hardship in Iran. Taher was arrested and the family had to flee the country following his release. They now live as refugees in Turkey.

Kouroush is a former prisoner from Iran now living as a refugee in Turkey. Together with other believers, he recently opened a community center to help other newcomers. It is a place where they can feel at home, talk to people that speak their language, share their story, and find help. A place also where they can satisfy their hunger for the Word of God.

When pastor Saghar’s house church was raided, she knew how to respond to stay out of jail. She kept her church together during a truly difficult time. She has since left Iran and returning would involve risks.

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