Aman* came to know Jesus when he was 23. It was at the time of turmoil in his home region. The government efforts to uplift rebels from the area made life dangerous, and Aman decided to flee and remain in hiding.   

It was during this time that he met Christians who ran a ministry in his region. They told him that Jesus was our only Savior. “I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had heard,” he explains. “I could not sleep for three days.”  

From then on, Aman devoted his time to studying the Bible. “I learnt that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. I did not think too much about Islam anymore…I committed my whole life to Him.”  

Persecution followed shortly after his decision to follow Christ. “I was about to get married to a Muslim lady – a distant relative. When her father and my mother learned that I had become a Christian, they called the whole thing off.”  

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Not only that, but his life was in real danger as his family tried to force him back to Islam or make him face the consequences. Eventually it was not possible for him to return home anymore.   

Aman found himself on the run once more. This time he found safety with Christians where he could undergo discipleship.  

Supported by Open Doors, his new home offered him an opportunity to study the Bible, spend time in prayer fellowship with others, undergo discipleship and receive timely encouragement. “Every time you visited, we knew people were praying for us and were so grateful for your concern!”  

Open Doors was also able to support Aman in the establishment of a small business. He rented a small store and started a stationary business with a friend. The business was doing well, and he felt after all the disruption caused by his conversion, life was on track again. “I felt so blessed and thankful for the way you supported me in different ways. I really thank everyone for the practical love you have shown to me.”  

But at some point, police found out about the ministry to Aman and other Muslim background believers (MBBs). Police ransacked their home and locked up Aman and some of the other MBBs.   

“I was in prison for 17 days because I had become a Christian. It was difficult, but while I was there, I learnt to be patient. I also prayed a lot for others who were in similar circumstances. I spent all my time in prayer for them. Although it was very hard in prison, I felt that I was part of making history in Sudan. I felt that I was part of the team bringing change through prayer.”   

Upon his release, Aman learned that he had once more lost everything. He needed to start from scratch again. But he is not alone. Open Doors, through the local church, continues to offer life-saving support in the form of a roof over his head and continued discipleship. Thanks to the investment, his faith remains unshaken and he continues to share the hope of Christ with others around him.   

Open Doors is committed to continue support to this small but courageous community of believersWe thank all the supporters. We are very, very happy. God bless everyone who is supporting us. We feel we are part of you. We are also praying for you to continue working with us. We are blessed through you,” Aman concluded.   

To find out more about Sudan and how you can pray for our brothers and sisters there, check out our podcast: 


*Representative image and name used


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