Susanna Koh receives your letters of encouragement

On Wednesday, February 24, Open Doors partners were able to visit Susanna Koh to pass on your letters of encouragement. “It’s so wonderful!” she said regarding the love and support of the church worldwide. She is grateful that the story of her husband, Raymond, is still alive today.

From the disappearance of a loving father and husband, Raymond Koh, to the inaction of the authorities on the case of the missing person, to dealing with the press and the media, the Koh Family has been through a lot in the past four years. With every obstacle in their way and every challenge confronted, they still have no answers. They still do not know where Raymond is.

For many, four years of confusion is more than enough time to give up, but for Susanna and her family, the journey never seems to end.

Susanna has said repeatedly that her strength comes from the Lord, and one way that he provides her with strength is through the prayer and support of people locally and from around the world.

Over the course of these last four years, Susanna has kept every letter, every card, and every note she has received from people all over the world.


1. Pray for the Koh family as they continue to search for answers. The family is currently suing the Malaysian government and 12 other defendants to compel them to identify and ultimately reveal the whereabouts of Pastor Raymond Koh.

2. Please continue to pray for those who are working closely with the family in this case, the lawyers, advisors, and supporters. Pray that they will be filled with the wisdom of God. Pray that the presence of God would be with them as they work this case.

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Learn More

You can learn more about Raymond's story here. You can also sign your name to the petition asking the High Commission of Malaysia to get involved in his case.

Open Doors Canada was able to interview Susanna Koh on the World Watch Weekly podcast. You can listen to both parts of the interview below, or on your favourite podcast platform.


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