Susan’s Story

Many Open Doors supporters have been praying for Susan Ithungu from Uganda who, at the age of 10, was locked in a small room for over three months and left without food or water when her father discovered she had converted from Islam to Christianity. On a recent visit to Susan, Open Doors worker Heidi* found that, over six years later, Susan is continuing to make positive progress.

When Susan was rescued from her imprisonment in 2010, she was critically malnourished, severely injured and emotionally scarred. Since then, she has had dozens of operations and treatments to help her recover, but there is still a long way to go. “A young girl walking with crutches approached us with a beautiful smile on her face,” Heidi writes. “Susan remains ever-ambitious. She says she still wants to become a doctor because she wants to help other people.” One desire that is close to Susan’s heart has been her education, which has been delayed multiple times due to her medical needs. “Once she finishes her final primary school exam, she will have to go for further corrective surgery abroad,” Heidi explains. “She will have to postpone returning to secondary school for up to two years due to the treatment.” All things being well, Susan will have started her secondary education by the end of 2018.

Thank you to everyone who has come alongside Susan during her recovery, by praying, writing letters and giving towards her needs. Thanks to your financial support, Open Doors has been able to cover her medical and education costs. And despite her painful past, Susan continues to hold on to God. When asked how we can pray for her, she said, “Please pray for my healing. I want to walk without the crutches. I am also thankful for the support from Open Doors.”

Heidi mentions that Susan told her, ‘I forgive my father because he did not know what he was doing’.

Please Pray

  • That Susan will be fully healed
  • That Susan would be able to complete her education.