Sunita’s courageous prayer

I can die or I can witness. Make me a witness for you.” This was the courageous prayer of Sunita* as she hid in a goat shed from her attackers. She had been beaten with bamboo rods by a group of men until she was unconscious, then dragged to the edge of her town. When she awoke, her wrist was broken; a bone was sticking out of it. She had no idea if her sister, Meena*, who was also beaten, was alive or dead.

Sunita and Meena’s only crime was to decide to leave Hinduism and follow Jesus. Theirs is just one example of the discrimination and violence that is becoming increasingly common for Christians in India. India was number 28 in the Open Doors 2014 World Watch List; last year, it rose to 21; this year, it’s number 17. In 2015 Open Doors recorded 179 incidents of men, women and children being beaten by Hindu extremists. For the first quarter of 2016 alone, we have recorded 132 such incidents.

Sunita is only 25, but has already experienced more persecution than most will face in a lifetime. And yet, she has refused to give up her faith in Christ. As she hid in that goat shed, she says: “I prayed that God’s will be done.”

She was reunited with Meena shortly afterwards. Open Doors partners have been able to provide them with food and pay for their medical expenses; they now live in hiding. Meena says: “Thank you for praying and helping us. You help us stand strong.

Please Pray

  • For Sunita and her sister Meena as they continue their journey in their faith in Christ. May they grow from strength to strength in their love for Christ.
  • Pray for those who are opposing their faith, for their hearts to be receptive to the Gospel.