Antonio and Marina of Colombia

Meet Antonio and Marina. Both are pastors of a church in Colombia. They face restriction on the operations of the church from the Guerilla’s in their region. They are not allowed to share Christian literature, and can only meet together on a Sunday. They have additional restrictions on spreading the Gospel.


They decided to send their son to the OD Children’s Centre because they did not want him to grow up in such a hard and restricted environment. Before he left for the Children’s Centre their son was not so strong in his faith. He saw that because of the Christian faith his parents suffered much, and was not keen on following the same path.


Spending time at the Children’s centre however,  has enabled their son to become strong and committed in his faith and he wants to be a missionary to North Korea now! He wants to help persecuted Christians who have suffered like him.


“Felipe* [her son] told me that he wanted to go to those places where they kill Christians, that he wanted to go to those who needed God most. As a mother I am afraid, but I know that God, as well as he has protected us, is also going to do likewise with our son, and if it is his purpose in life, I feel very happy to support him,” explained Marina, Felipe’s mother.


We give thanks for Pastors like Antonio and Marina – who are sacrificing everything for the sake of the Gospel. Your prayers, support and encouragement means a lot to them. Let them know you care, join us for the ride for refuge, and help support our brothers and sisters in Colombia!


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