A Father’s Example

Martin shares how his father’s faith led him to Christ. He attended the National Youth Camp in Rajendrapur, North Bangladesh last year with 138 young believers from Muslim backgrounds, organized by Isai Fellowship Bangladesh, in partnership with Open Doors.


I was four when my father became Christian. After accepting Jesus, my father went through a lot of persecution.


As a young boy, I did not like being at the receiving end of all the hatred and persecution from close relatives and neighbours. I wanted people to accept us and love us. Confused, I started drifting towards my Muslim relatives and wanted to be like them so that they might accept me.


Gradually, I observed something different about my father. He wasn’t like my uncles and my other relatives. He led my family in praying together and worshipping God. My family had love and compassion; something I found lacking in the families of my relatives. Because of this, I realized that though people hated us, there must be something good in being a Christian.


I told my father that I wanted to be a good Christian like him. He said I shouldn’t look to him for faith, but to Christ. He advised me to read the Bible, so I did. My interest in the Word of God grew, so my father sent me to a Bible college, where I discovered Jesus and fully accepted Him as my Lord and Savior.


There are only three families who openly live as Christians in our village. There are others but they are secret believers. We experience persecution day by day because of our faith.


I thank God for my father. My father has made me see who Christ is by the way he lives.