Inspired by the work of Brother Andrew, Open Doors has stood strong with their brothers and sisters for 65 year so that they can remain - remain in places where God requires them, where God calls them to reach His children who have not yet heard His voice. To make this happen, Open Doors has provided safety and resources to survive as well as the tools to stay and share the Gospel.

The threats and persecution experienced by our brothers and sisters continues and in some places is worsening, particularly in the context of COVID-19. Strengthening and increasing the support from Canadians for our Christian family across the world is critical. Join with us and take action to mark 65 years of Standing with so that Christians across the world can stand as ONE!

After a series of incredible healings, Raman* decided to follow Jesus. Now, despite facing rejection and violence because of his new faith, he shares the Gospel with others, and has planted several churches. He says, “I know it can be dangerous. I also know that I might die. But I am not afraid.”
*name changed for security purposes


Brother Andrew, the founder of Open Doors, says that whenever he meets a group of believers that are being persecuted or are under threat and he ask what they need, the first thing they almost always say is – please tell people to pray for us. Prayer, while seemingly simple, is a powerful way you can be One with the persecuted church. Visit our prayer page for the latest monthly prayer calendar.

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Knowing that they are not alone is a very important source of strength for our brothers and sisters living in places where their faith costs the most. There is a tangible way that you encourage them and remind them that they are part of a community, a church, that loves them. You can visit our writing page to learn about how and who you can write to.

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The ONE Partnership program: Over 260 Million Christians have experienced high to extreme levels of persecution. That’s roughly one in every eight Christians around the world. Join the One Partnership community, to faithfully stand with persecuted Christians to help meet their needs and support their efforts by providing Open Doors programs with a source of sustainable funding. Will you give a gift today?

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"I am honoured to support Open Doors for over 20 years across 2 continents. Their integrity, accountability, perseverance and compassion are some of the reasons why I have been a continuing supporter through the years. I feel a deep sense of connection to the persecuted Church when I read their stories and all that they have been through. These brethren are truly counting the cost of what it means to be a follower of Christ.

As my brother and sister in the Lord, I need to do my part through writing letters of encouragement, praying for them, their needs and also giving financially. They need to know that God has not forgotten them and neither the worldwide body of Christ. In these increasingly confusing, tumultuous times, our only hope is the Lord Jesus. Thank you Open Doors for pointing people to Him and being so faithful in your mission these 65 years and in the years to come."

- Angeline N.