One Angry Accusation Could Destroy an Entire Family

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Living in Constant Fear


What if you had to live in constant fear that the next thing you said could have you thrown in jail? Or even something you didn’t say – something someone claimed that you said – could also destroy your life?


Sadly, our brothers and sisters in Pakistan live in this constant fear. The predominantly Muslim country has a Blasphemy Law where anyone can be accused of insulting Islam and its prophet, Muhammed. And Christians are especially targeted. The penalties are severe: years in prison and possibly the death penalty. Even if a person is never convicted, they are branded as ‘blasphemers’, with a bleak future and much trauma in the years to come.


It’s hard to comprehend that one angry neighbour’s accusation could destroy a family.


Art created by a Christian from Pakistan

You are making it possible

Your support provides safe houses, trauma care, and Bible teaching for believers who experience this tremendous pressure to convert. You even provide vocational training so your brothers and sisters have hope for a better future, keeping and sharing their Christian faith with others and growing the Kingdom.


Your support helps Christians in Pakistan survive.

August Prayer Points

• Pray for the safety of believers and that those falsely accused will be released with no repercussions.
• Pray for the Alive Network as it continues to provide training across the country helping believers to be strengthened in their faith, and equipping people to learn to provide a livelihood for themselves and their families.
•  Pray that the message and hope of Jesus will spread through this Muslim country, and that lives will be transformed by the gospel.