No child should ever have to witness violence

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Imagine watching your father die because of his faith in Jesus


Wasihun was only seven years old when he watched helplessly as his father was brutally beaten and killed for being a Christ-follower.


In the middle of the night, Wasihun and his family woke up to the sound of a mob of villagers who had broken into their home. Wasihun’s father was captured by the mob and dragged outside.


Wasihun tried to help fight off the villagers, but they began to beat his father until he stopped moving. All because of an unwavering faith in Jesus.



Wasihun’s story is common

Children living in countries where it is most dangerous to be a Christian face the devastation of losing one or both parents when they are either imprisoned or killed for their faith. These children are also bullied and often violently attacked. Many are left orphans, with no hope for a future.


the Persecution is real


No child should ever have to witness such violence or be forced to choose between their family’s safety or faith in Jesus. The good news is, you can help.

Wasihun watched his dad get killed

10 children get Bibles


$60 will give 10 children their very own copy of God’s Word so they can lean on the hope found in Scripture when they’re bullied at school for their faith.




$800 will cover the cost of a child like Wasihun to attend school for one year. While this gift gives these children hope for a better future, it also impacts their entire family. It gives single parents the confidence and ability to provide for their family, knowing their child is safely attending a good school.


WASIHUNThe good news is... you can help those like Wasihun

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No child should witness this amount of violence

June Prayer Points

• Pray for the Lord’s protection and provision for Wasihun, his siblings and his mother, who still grieve the loss of their father and husband.

• Pray for Wasihun and his family to remain strong in their faith and continue to grow spiritually, finding their joy in Christ.

• Many other children around the world face the same violence and hostility as Wasihun, because of their faith in Jesus. Pray for them to see God’s love through difficult and challenging circumstances.