Nepalese Christians receive emergency COVID aid

“How faithful God is!" Your support is an answer to prayer as Nepal faces second wave of COVID-19

“Corona came like a nightmare,” shares Jasmaya Ramtel*, a believer from west Nepal, voicing the thoughts of billions of people around the world. Nepal has been no exception when it comes to the devastation wrought by the pandemic.

The whole nation was shut down for almost a year when COVID-19 first emerged, but gradually, there was a decrease in new cases and people started to heave a sigh of relief, and go back to their daily lives. That was when the second wave arrived.

By April 2021, more than 8,000 people were being infected on a daily basis in Nepal. The country was thrust into economic recession, as lockdowns returned and businesses were forced to close. Many faced financial crisis.

Christian communities in Nepal have been particularly vulnerable, as most Christians in the country have low incomes. Many depend on agriculture or run small business for their livelihood, while others sustain their families through working as labourers. Nepal is a Hindu majority nation, and Christians frequently face persecution by their communities, which can also make it even more difficult for them to find work. The pandemic has only added to their struggles, and many are finding it difficult to manage two meals a day after losing their source of income in the lockdowns.

Jasmaya is one of them. She says, “I sell some food items in the streets to earn my living. Though I do not earn much from selling, I used to manage and sustain my life.


“But the second wave of COVID came like a nightmare to me and I had to stop my only source of income. I was worrying and wondering how I would survive now. I also kept praying God to provide for my needs.”

Thanks to your prayers and support, Open Doors local partners were able to be an answer to that prayer, providing her with vital food aid. She says, “How faithful God is! He answered my prayer and made provisions for me from your partners. I am thankful to God for providing the means of my livelihood in the time of crisis and food scarcity. I pray that God leads them to reach out to many helpless women like me with this beautiful act of serving. God bless you all.”

Reaching believers in Nepal was difficult for Open Doors partners, who had to deal with the challenges of both COVID restrictions and reaching isolated communities in the mountains. But one partner recalls the joy that was shared despite the challenges.

“Seeing their happiness, we feel all the efforts that we made in this tough situation were worth it. We thank God for His mercy upon us.”

More believers also shared their thankfulness at being provided with aid:


Saili KC, East Nepal*: “I need to have enough food for my baby”

I live with my husband. He is a daily wages worker. We are expecting a baby soon.

Due to this lockdown, my husband lost his job and we had to struggle financially. As I am pregnant, I need to have enough food for my baby to be in good health. But we were afraid as our food was very limited.

We prayed to God to look after us. Then we got groceries from Open Doors partners. We believe that it is a blessing from God. I give thanks to God and also to the Open Doors partners who helped and encouraged us in difficult times.

Mina Rai*, East Nepal: “Open Doors partners came with helping hands”

My husband left me and married another woman. So I am the only parent to my children. My husband doesn’t support me financially so the responsibility of the upbringing of my children is on me.

My only source of income is selling vegetables. Since I do not have money to rent a proper place for selling, I sell vegetables on the street. There is no regular flow of income. Sometimes, I earn a good income and sometimes I do not. Despite that, I was able to manage.

But the lockdown didn’t allow me to sell the vegetables, so it was difficult for us to meet our daily basic needs. In the meantime, Open Doors partners came with helping hands and provided us with groceries. I am very grateful to God and the people who help me and my family. This help has given me a great relief and hope. Thank you everyone.


Mita Gurung*, West Nepal: “Open Doors partners helped me in my toughest situation”

I have a husband and a son in my family. My husband is too old to work and he is physically weak, and my son is studying. So I am the only breadwinner in my family. I work in other homes; I wash dishes and clothes for them. Through that income I was managing to sustain my family. But I had to stop going for work because of the lockdown. I didn’t have a sufficient amount to fulfill our basic needs.

Despite that, we kept on praying for our God to fulfill our needs and our God has answered our prayers. Open Doors partners helped me in my toughest situation so I am very much thankful towards them.


Ramita Dhungana*, East Nepal: “We were worried about how to feed our children”

I live with my husband and children. I work as a helper in a private school. I was managing to run the family from the income I earned from that work. But due to the pandemic and lockdown, the school where I work was closed. We had food which would only last for a few days. We were worried about how to feed our children after that.

Though we worried, we kept our faith in God. Then one day, I got a call from the Open Doors partner and got good news that they were providing groceries. I was so glad to hear that and gave thanks to God. It has also increased my faith to keep my hope on God. Thanks to Open Doors partners for helping my family.

Kailash Majhi*, Central Nepal: “This blessing has strengthened our faith in God.”

I am a daily wages worker and I am the only breadwinner in the family. As lockdown was imposed because of the pandemic, there was no work for me. I was worried and distressed thinking about how to provide food for my family.

But my wife encouraged me and said that we should keep our hope and faith in God. So we prayed continuously and God miraculously provided for our needs through Open Doors partners. I am thankful to God and also to the people who helped my family. This blessing has strengthened our faith in God.



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