In 2019, your contributions helped out millions of your brothers and sisters across the globe!


Thank you for working alongside Open Doors to help persecuted Christians receive the care and support they need to keep holding on to their faith in Jesus.

The comfort and help Aisha received from you is extending to her family and community.


Two years ago, Aisha’s community was attacked by Fulani militants. They ravaged the village, some men including Aisha’s husband were kidnapped. Two of the militants raped her. The incident left Aisha traumatized.


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Aisha FI

In 2019:

9,488 Churches and other buildings attacked

3,711 Christians detained without trial, arrested, sentenced and imprisoned

8,537 Christians raped or otherwise sexually harassed

2,983 Christians killed for faith-related reason




Bibles and Christian books distributed

“Thank you for sharing the gospel with our children, with us all, we would never hear if you wouldn’t come. Now the children have hope, they know that they are not alone. And they also can know more about Jesus from the books you brought to us.” Parent whose child attended a celebration organized by Open Doors in a remote village in Central Asia.



People were discipled, trained, mentored or counselled

“I came to faith in a safe house in China after I escaped North Korea,” says North Korean believer, Jae-Hwa. “You would be amazed to see how the Spirit is at work in these safe houses. So many people come to faith. That’s only possible thanks to you. We wouldn’t even exist without your prayers.”



People benefitted from emergency relief, community development, education and medical care

“The body of Christ is one; this help came from people we have never seen in our lives!” exclaimed one displaced church leader who received food aid for himself and his congregation. “It is amazing to be part of the body of Christ. This is a huge support that will forever remain in our hearts. The love of Christ is great!”



Bibles, Christian literature and church materials distributed


Bibles distributed (14%):
260,626 Bibles, New Testaments, Study
Bibles and Children’s Bibles


Church materials (49%):
524,860 training materials, Sunday school


Christian literature (49%):
927,307 Books, Bible reference books,
tracts, magazines, music & movies


Other (9%)


people were discipled, trained, mentored or counselled


Discipleship & training (25%):
959,192 people were discipled and given Biblical & leadership training; mentoring


Persecution preparedness (46%):
1,755,665 people were trained in persecution
awareness, advocacy and preparation


Trauma & family counselling (29%):
1,124,230 people were helped with trauma
counseling, holistic training and family ethics


people benefitted from socio-economic development


Community support (17%):
122,167 people were served through community development


Livelihood & social services (16%):
112,758 people received microloans, support, credit or grants;  transportation assistance; medical and health care; literacy and job training; and school support and education


Relief & aid (67%):
479,781 people received food, medicine or shelter; or a safe haven

In 2019, your gifts contributed to the global effort of more than 20 development bases in more than 60 countries and helped millions of persecuted believers worldwide.

We are one family—and together we are strengthening God’s family, no matter what. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.



Administration (10%):
Finance and ministry costs

Fundraising (8%)
Mobilizing the Canadian church to support persecuted Christians


Program Expenses (82%):


Bible Distribution (16%)

Strengthening the Church by providing Bibles and other Christian literature

Training (12%)

Biblical training, discipleship, trauma and legal counselling

Mobilizing Prayer (22%)

Calling the Canadian church to prayer and be bold in their faith

Christian Community Development (12%)

Emergency aid, supporting families and job creation

Monitoring and Protecting the Rights of Persecuted Christians (14%)

International research and advocacy for persecuted Christians

Field Ministry (6%)

Additional support for persecuted Christians


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The comfort and help Aisha received from you is extending to her family and community.   Two years ago, Aisha’s…

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