Your generosity and foresight can plant seeds of hope for many generations
to come! By giving a bequest to Open Doors through your will, you ensure
that your passion lives on and that persecuted believers in Jesus Christ
continue to receive the help they need. A bequest can continue to impact the
lives of many people around the world into the future.


Open Doors is committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus and serving the
needs of persecuted Christians. Today, you can impact the lives of
generations to come.


Irene's husband, Francis, a Muslim-background believer from Uganda, was brutally murdered for his faith on 21 September 2010. As a mother of four, Irene has since struggled to provide for her children.

Irene is just one of many young mothers whose husbands have died for their faith. She has struggled to make ends meet.

That's why Open Doors has been providing Irene with spiritual support, practical help and training in livelihood skills, so that she can earn her own living and fend for her children.

There are many more families who need our support. And you can help. By putting Open Doors in your Will now, you can ensure that we are there for mothers like Irene as long as we are needed.

The gifts provided to Open Doors in your Will are vitally important. The promise of help long into the future frees us to make an important promise to those who will look to us for spiritual and practical support when their need is greatest.

Updating your Will is also an ideal opportunity to remember Open Doors and your extended family - the persecuted church. Why not make an appointment to see your solicitor today?

For further information about how you can make a legacy to Open Doors, please contact us at or call us at 905-636-0944