What would you do if it was illegal to go to church? Or to own a Bible? What would life be like if following Jesus meant you were kicked out of your home, family or community? This is a reality for millions of persecuted Christians around the world.


You are invited to join us for this free event – A Night with the Persecuted Church. This is an opportunity to hear stories of how people have sacrificed everything to follow Christ. You’ll be challenged to follow the examples of faith lived by those who follow Jesus no matter the cost and learn how you can connect with your persecuted family around the world.

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Online Webinar

June 4 | Via Zoom Webinar
7:00 pm EST


June 4 | Via Zoom Webinar
10:00 pm EST


"An Evening with the Persecuted Church was an important opportunity for our community.  Not only did we hear about the hardships, but also the faithful endeavours and incredible outcomes of our persecuted brothers and sisters." – Pastor Corey Copeland, Faith Tabernacle, Halifax