Believers in India are under physical attack for following Jesus—but you can help them to safety.

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Risking your life to help fellow believers survive


Abishek is a local partner in India who has followed God’s call on his life to serve the villages around him. He helps the villagers if their houses are burnt or attacked. If the people have been beaten up, he takes them to the hospital where they are provided with good treatment. When sisters Meena and Sunita were beaten with rods by Hindu extremists for prayer and having church services in their home, Abishek found them and took them to safety.


Abishek tackles this mentally and physically exhausting work with tremendous responsibility and often puts himself in great danger.

You are making it possible

With your help, Abishek is able to stand shoulder to shoulder with persecuted followers of Jesus, sharing in their sorrow and bringing them comfort and encouragement while meeting critical basic needs such as emergency care, food and shelter.





Your gift of just $60 provides relief—including food and blankets—to five families who are struggling because their main earner is imprisoned for their faith.




A gift of $150 resources a Rapid Response team to provide six full months of practical support to persecuted believers. 





Your $800 gift equips persecuted Christians in 7 communities with the training and skills to live independently.

Believers in India need your help.

Provide critical basic needs through parnters like Abishek.

July Prayer Points

• Pray for protection for Abishek and other Open Doors workers as they travel to villages offering support in these distressing situations.

• Pray for those who have lost family members, been injured, have no homes and are facing unimaginable sorrow. Ask that God will fill them with peace and strength in these times and that all their needs will be met.

• Pray for the name of Jesus to be lifted in this nation under attack from Hindu extremism. Ask God to send a new boldness to the people in India, and for His spirit to move across the nation.