Fifteen Secret believers baptized in Bangladesh

Baptism can be a major step for our persecuted brothers and sisters. In places where converting to Christianity carries significant risk, making a public expression of faith often means more persecution.

But amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a church that Open Doors partners with in Bangladesh reports that they have seen more and more Christians come to know the Lord and choose to be baptized. Last month, fifteen believers from northeastern Bangladesh were baptized together.

“It was a blessed moment for our church. There were about ten people who got baptised in February this year, and ten more were waiting to be baptised when the country went into lockdown,” said Peter*, an Open Doors partner.

After the baptism, they were each given their own Bible.

Among the baptized believers were two sisters, Dewanti and Mayna. They first moved to the village in 2017, where they met a believer named Brother Simon*. 

He shared the gospel with them. He had been working closely with the men and the children of the village at first, but later got acquainted with the two sisters and invited them to an Open Doors adult literacy program.

Dewanti and Mayna were not the only ones who were impacted by the ministry of Brother Simon and the adult literacy program. In the past three years that he has been working there, 20 families have come to know the Lord and have been baptised. “As they believed, they have already started to go through mental and social persecution, but their unity in Christ amazed me.”

Praise God with us for these baptisms. Pray for these believers that they will continue to grow strong in their faith and be His salt and light to their community.

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Check out this episode of the World Watch Weekly podcast to learn more about why baptism is so dangerous for our persecuted family:


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