Extreme Persecution in North Korea: What if You Were Afraid of Your Own Child?

 “I seriously considered turning my parents in, but in the end, I chose to confront my father. That’s when he explained the Bible and the Gospel to me.”

Confronted by the truth of her parents’ secret faith and the truth of the Gospel, Sang-Hwa courageously decided to start her own dangerous journey of faith. She too became a secret believer, joining the incredible underground church in North Korea.

You are helping to sustain believers’, like Sang-Hwa's, faith and hope despite fierce opposition and great danger. In Sang-Hwa’s own words, “You are helping to give secret believers proof that God’s love is far more powerful than any persecution they are facing.”

As North Korea continues to be the most dangerous place on earth to be a Christian, will you continue to show your love and commitment to our persecuted brothers and sisters with your gifts and prayers?



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Persecuted believers like Sang-Hwa and her parents inspire me and challenge me. Every single day, they are choosing Jesus over very real and tangible fears. North Korea is the most repressive regime in the world for Christians. Yet, while our fellow believers could live in fear of those closest to them, they are choosing instead to put their hope in the ultimate hiding place – the shelter and refuge of our great God.

Why is North Korea considered the most repressive regime in the world for Christians (and anyone else for that matter)?

  • The State controls everything – even what you’re allowed to think.
  • If you don’t agree with the State, you’ll be sent to a horrifying labour camp.
  • Everyone is registered into three classes: the core, the wavering, and the hostile classes. Christians are automatically classed as ‘hostile’.
  • People are taught to spy on their closest family and friends. North Korean Christians say, “When three people are gathered, one is a spy.”
  • Spies have been sent outside the country to kidnap or kill anyone working with refugees, particularly Christians.

Help your persecuted brothers and sisters, like Sang-Hwa, keep choosing faith over fear. Give a gift today!


Your gifts, prayers and actions currently help keep more than 60,000 North Korean believers alive by providing them with emergency food, medical help and clothing through our secret networks.

February Prayer Points

-  Please pray that God will move in the land of North Korea, and that His will be accomplished in the lives of our family members there.

-  Please pray that the prayers of both underground believers and global supporters will soon change the spiritual atmosphere of North Korea and make it a land that glorifies the Lord.

-  Please pray that believers will not lose hope during a tough winter season and that they will hold onto their faith in God. Pray that vital aid will safely pass through various checkpoints and be successfully passed into the hands of believers, including those deep in the countryside and remote areas.


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