Myanmar: Young Christians give up jobs to help fight COVID-19

Young volunteers in Myanmar have responded to an appeal by the National Youth Commission, inviting them to become part of helping their country in the face of the current health crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the nation to rise together in unity to combat the disease, and the Christian youth are doing their bit to support their country. 

It echoes the activities of the early Church where Christians were known to care for those suffering from infectious diseases. This same ‘sacrificial care’ is shown by some young people in Myanmar.  

Twelve young Christians have come alongside hospital staff in Okklapaloacted in southern Yangon (also known as ‘Rangoon’), Myanmar’s capital and largest city. Some of them have temporarily left their jobs to be able to volunteer 

The hospital’s management, doctors and church leaders commended them, expressing the hope they "can inspire others to share their time, energy and service for the common good". Christians form a very small minority in the country, and are often marginalized by the society.  

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With the help of our local partners, Open Doors has been able to distribute food and other emergency aid to 4,200 families who are affected by COVID-19 and the lock-down measures in Myanmar 

Myanmar has been torn apart by several internal conflicts for decades in what is said to be the world’s longest ongoing civil war. Fighting between ethnic groups and the army erupts regularly in the north-east part of the country, where large pockets of Christians live. In 2017 the mainly Muslim Rohingya people were driven out of Rakhine state in what the International Court of Justice has called "genocide" on the part of Myanmar. 

Please Pray

For protection upon the young believers who are investing their lives in serving as volunteers in hospitals and other areas of need. 

For a continued spirit of unity and collaboration as the nation of Myanmar fights the ongoing pandemic. May Christians and other minorities not have to face discrimination while receiving aid from the government. 


Myanmar update:

Myanmar update: "Thank you for standing with us."

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