Aisha receives help and comfort from you

The comfort and help Aisha received from you is extending to her family and community.


Two years ago, Aisha’s community was attacked by Fulani militants. They ravaged the village, some men including Aisha’s husband were kidnapped. Two of the militants raped her. The incident left Aisha traumatized.

Thankfully her husband came back to her alive and together the two tried their utmost to restore the happiness and peace they experienced before the incident. But it was tough going. Aisha’s husband, an example to many others in the way he supported Aisha afterwards, was at his wits end. His wife was not eating or sleeping and every time she saw a man in the community that looks like (and may even be) one of her rapists, she was filled with overwhelming stress and bitterness.

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We invited Aisha to a trauma care event, an introduction into understanding her own trauma. Since then, she has been part of two trauma care events. “After the first seminar, I began to feel peace of mind,” Aisha says. “If I hadn’t attended, I don’t know how my life would have been. I would still have been in pain because there is nobody around me to strengthen and encourage me. But now that I have received this trauma healing, I am so happy. I am so overwhelmed with the love and compassion you showed us.”


Suffering violence for following Jesus

There are hundreds of Christian women who have been affected by violence, and together with the help of trained counselors, we want to help these women work through the pain of violence they have suffered because they follow Jesus.

The enemy wants to steal, kill and destroy the Christian witness. When women are raped, in pain and anguish it can be very difficult to extend love and joy to the family, loved ones and the community.

When trauma is dealt with, restoration and growth can take place. Victims begin to live again, not simply survive. Through your support, more than 1.1 million believers received trauma counselling and holistic training, including recipients and pastors who have been trained to identify and help trauma victims.

As you extend compassion to men, women and children, you equip and empower them to rebuild and hold tight to their faith. Your support is strengthening the church not just in Nigeria but across the globe. It is helping Christians like Aisha and those who offered her counselling to stand strong in the fire and ultimately, be used by God to storm the gates of hell and advance His Kingdom. “If I hadn’t attended this program, I don’t know how my life would have been,” she says. “I have seen the love of God … Even when I go back home, I want to show this love to the people around us.”


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