In 2016, we delivered over 2.5 million Bibles and Christian literature around the world. Bibles bring God’s word to life – and people are coming to know Jesus in a personal way not experienced before.

Awel* was a lead Imam at a mosque for almost 17 years.

He became very sick and was sure he’d never be healed, until Christians visiting the hosptial prayed for him. He gave his life to Jesus and led his family to Christ. His community rejected and persecuted him for his faith.

“When I am persecuted I think, God is with me, and when God intervenes - I thank God. God is good in all things. So when there is persecution I sing. And also when God intervenes I sing. I have a song on both sides.”


Vietnam, one of five remaining communist countries in the world, is a difficult and dangerous place to follow Christ. Here, converts from a Buddhist background and members of non-traditional Protestant churches often experience the worst treatment.

Believers face imprisonment for expressing their faith, and are banned from printing their own Bibles, especially in minority languages.

Children of persecuted Christians are also severely affected. At school, they’re mocked, their beliefs are attacked and undermined, their grades suffer and they are excluded from educational scholarships. But thanks to friends like you, these children now have their own special Children’s Bible — a reason to smile. They are being transformed through God’s Word!

Nine-year-old Hong An started reading her Children’s Bible when she was less than five years old. She said...“My favourite story is Noah’s ark. God told him to make a boat and he did it. God told him to bring his wife, his children and the animal couples with him and he did it. He did what God told him. Because of Noah, I learned to obey God.”

Anh, an orphan in the fifth grade, loves the parable of the Good Samaritan…“We need to love each other and help each other… I love this book because it shows me how to obey God…”

When Tuan grows up, he wants to become an evangelist so he can tell others about the Bible. He said, “I have shared my Children’s Bible with more than ten of my friends… I want to share this Bible because I know God loves me. He’s always good, and He always helps me. Please pray that more of my friends would believe in God.”

In Syria, almost 125,000 Christian books were distributed by Open Doors partners, including more than 30,000 Bibles and over 25,000 children's Bibles. One group sent us a picture showing them studying the Bible by torchlight:
"The Bible verses strengthen and comfort us."