A Call for Help

There are phone calls you will never forget. 


Our partners in India shared with us this cry of help from a believer. A few weeks ago, this widow reached out to her pastor for help as she was looking for support. Usha* was desperate to feed her children and as no one had delivered aid to her village.  


The lockdown situation in India has brought the country to a standstill, with Christians who are day labourers or under the poverty line finding it difficult to provide for their families. They are either unable to reach the venues where government rations are available, or they are left out of the government endorsed relief efforts due to their faith in Jesus. 

Usha featured image

After receiving this call, our partners in the field reached out to Usha with an emergency food pack that has helped her and her family for the past several weeks. Usha was very grateful, as in her desperation, she still wanted to be able to maintain her dignity. Her faithfulness to God was evident. She expressed thanks unto the Lord for providing for the needs of her family. 


In total, we’ve been able to deliver more than  20,000 emergency food packs to Christians like Usha in Asia alone. 


The need to rush emergency food packs is even greater—some families have been waiting on relief for days or weeks, and their supplies are running low. Our teams in the field let us know that we need to serve at least another 50,000 Christians with food survival kits.


What’s in a food kit? Critical staples like flour, rice, tea, cooking oil, salt, potatoes, soap, masks and sanitizer. 


You can help rush a food pack to a persecuted family today. 


Right now, we’re walking alongside Usha and her family to help them survive. One of our partners recently took this short video during his last visit to her village. 


We give thanks unto the Lord for providing so faithfully for these believers. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus at a crucial time like this.  


Please continue to pray for Usha and millions of other persecuted Christians in India, who are often neglected in the aid distribution. And please, send an emergency food kit today—and let them know they are not alone. 


*Representative name used for security. 


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