2019 World Watch List In Parliament


Refugees, civil wars and hatred. At the heart of many of these crises is the denial of the right to freedom of religion or belief – this is the issue of our time. Tackling religious persecution head-on is a strategic way to resolve many complex, global issues.

We invite you to raise this issue to those walking the corridors of power in our country. Send an invitation to your MP to the presentation of the 2019 World Watch List in Parliament Hill in Ottawa taking place on Jan 30th 2019. This event is being hosted by MP David Anderson. He is the MP for Cypress Hills-Grasslands and is the Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Human Rights & Religious Freedom. This event is a special presentation for MPs and a selected few invitees.


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When the right to freedom of religion or belief is suppressed or quashed, the effect on other human rights is devastating. This undermines the right to a fair trial, the right to family life, freedom of expression and much more. Existing vulnerabilities such as gender, ethnicity, class or age are further exploited, leaving many Christians exposed to various complex layers of persecution.

The annual World Watch List documents in-depth research into religious persecution in the 50 hardest countries to be a Christian. For the first time in Canada, we would like parliamentarians to attend a presentation on the World Watch List and hear for themselves the importance of freedom of religion in the context of Christian persecution.

Use your voice to make a difference in the lives of persecuted Christians. Please invite your MP to the World Watch List launch on 30th January 2019, hosted by MP David Anderson, and raise support for our persecuted brothers and sisters across the world.


Yes, I will attend the Parliamentary Launch on January 30