Brunei Darussalam

Brunei Darussalam

World Watch List Rank 37
World Watch List Score 63/100
Leader Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah
Population 439,000  I 55,300
Main Religion Islam
Government Absolute Monarchy
WWL Rank in 2019 36
Persecution Level Very High Persecution

Brunei has an extremely high level of economic wealth, however Christians are treated like second-class citizens. The country is governed by Sharia (Islamic) law. Churches must be registered and are heavily monitored. There are three registered churches that are allowed to display crosses. Other public displays of Christian symbols and the public celebration of Christian holidays (like Christmas) are illegal.


Brunei, a country of 434,000 people in south east Asia, is an absolute monarchy and has been ruled by Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah - who recently declared himself as Prime Minister and President - for almost 49 years. For the last few years, Islamic law has been fully operative for all Muslims in the country. On 1 May 2014, this was extended to penal law and is being introduced in three phases; though the first of these has been implemented, the second and third phases are still pending due to international pressure (the second is due to begin in June 2017).

Phase 1: Fines for indecent behaviour or failure to attend Friday prayers. Christians testifying to their faith can be fined, imprisoned or sentenced to both.

Phase 2: Corporal punishment and mutilations for theft and other crimes - including flogging for adultery and amputation of limbs for theft.

Phase 3: Capital punishment, i.e. executions for crimes like adultery and apostasy (leaving Islam), and stoning to death as a punishment for rape.

It is now a criminal act for non-Muslims to share their faith with Muslims and atheists. Offenders are at risk of being fined or sent to jail for five years. By contrast, the government follows a plan of Islamisation amongst its tribal peoples. Teaching religions other than Islam to a child of Muslims or atheists is also now illegal. This will affect the few, highly influential, Christian schools that normally start their days with reading the Word of God.Finally, following the lead of neighbouring Malaysia, Sharia claims that 19 words belong solely to Islam. Christians are banned from using words like Allah (God) and Firman Allah (God's Word). These terms are used in the Malay language Bible, commonly used by Bruneians.

The development has increased fear and anxiety amongst the minority Christian believers. Church leaders are already heavily monitored by the government, but with the possibility of being charged under full Islamic law, the pressure will significantly increase.


Open Doors serves persecuted believers in South East Asia through:

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  • Persecution advocacy and awareness.


  • That many Bruneians would choose Christ, despite incentives from the government to encourage people to convert to Islam
  • For secret believers trying to hide their faith for fear of persecution, that God would protect them and give them wisdom in how to shine His light
  • For strength and wisdom for church leaders in dealing with growing religious restrictions.


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