“Religious cleansing” activities aim to wipe out next generation of Chinese Christians

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For the young, upcoming generation, church is now forbidden.


Open Doors worker, Julie*, tells us, “Now that increasing numbers of believers meet in small groups, the training of small group leaders who can disciple others has become crucial.”

Revised Religious Regulations in China, introduced in 2018, mean that youth camps and other Christian youth activities have been closed down. Youth and children under the age of 18 are forbidden from even entering a church.

The goal: wipe out the next generation of believers.

But there is still hope. Core groups of Christians in China have counted the cost of persecution and their hunger for Jesus means they are willing to pay any price to nurture their faith and share it with others. It is critical that we deliver the tools these Christians need—resources and training materials to help them disciple and remain effective and undeterred in the face of persecution.

“Modern churches need to know how to respond biblically to persecutions, as the younger generation hasn’t experienced such pressure before,” says Julie.  

This is where you come in. Your prayer lifts up and encourages secret believers in China. Your gifts give them the resources and training they need in order to further God’s Kingdom. Canadian Christians like you will help the next generation of believers thrive and grow, right where they are.

Thank you so much for your continued support. It means the world to our brothers and sisters in China.

*name changed for security purposes

Discipleship resources and training materials are needed by Chinese believers more now than in the past two decades. Your gift means the next generation in China gets to hear about God’s Word, and gives believers the vital tools they need to develop and share their faith.


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October Prayer Points

- Pray for China’s young people. Pray that they have the opportunity to learn about their Heavenly Father and come to know Him personally.

- Please pray for improved relationships and family ties in China to continue as a result of the persecution and current regulations, and that the Church continues to grow.

- Pray that the critical training and resources are provided for discipleship growth in China.