A light which cannot be extinguished

Our brothers and sisters in the Middle East are constantly looking over their shoulders out of fear. Can you imagine?


Despite this, Iran is also home to one of the world’s fastest-growing evangelical churches. Our partners on the ground say, “whoever thinks the government is seeing success in exterminating the church is wrong.” The Gospel is a light that cannot be extinguished!

The faith demonstrated by brave believers, like your brother Mojtaba, (you can read his story on page 4 of the magazine) is the only way we can explain the explosive growth of the church in Iran. And, they need our support as they withstand challenges we can only try to imagine.

Your gift of $60 provides discipleship training to an isolated Muslim background believer in the Persian-speaking world. But more than that, it tells these brothers and sisters that they are not alone and provides them with opportunities for safe fellowship.


Christianity is considered a western influence and a constant threat to the Islamic identity of the country – a threat that’s increasing as the number of Christians grow. Even some of the children of Iran’s political and spiritual leaders are leaving Islam for Christianity.

All Persian-speaking people are seen as Muslims and can be punished by the death penalty or be imprisoned for choosing to leave Islam.