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Send a message of encouragement to a North Korean Believer

DUE: JANUARY 31, 2018


There is a rare opportunity for you to connect with North Korean Christians by taking a few minutes out of your day to write them a letter.

Open Doors is currently organizing a letter campaign to make sure these believers know how much we care about them and pray for them.

Our partners in the field let us know that the rising international tension with North Korea is making it even more difficult for believers in the country. Right now, in North Korea, many people like you—fathers, mothers, pastors, and church leaders—find themselves in scary situations without much support. Some have been threatened or attacked, while others have even been sentenced to prison for their work in the underground church. Unfortunately, as a result of having to hide their identities, Christians may feel alone—cut off from or even unaware of supporters around the world.

We will deliver message of encouragement that Open Doors will deliver through underground channels, you can provide a cherished reminder that people these Christians have never met are praying for them.

Send a message of encouragement to a North Korean Believer

Encourage Indonesia's Bombing Victims

DUE: JANUARY 31, 2018


Four children - Alvaro, Trinity, Anita and Intan - were severely wounded in a church bombing in November 2016 in Samarinda, East Borneo, Indonesia. Intan didn’t survive and passed away a day later. Of the remaining surviving children, Alvaro and Trinity were the most severely injured, requiring long-term treatment till now.

These children are in dire need of your prayers and encouragement to recover physically and mentally from the trauma. They need help to believe in God’s beautiful plan for their lives. Your cards/letters will encourage them to know that you are praying for them and their families. Please address your cards personally to the children – Alvaro(4) , Trinity (4) and Anita (2).

Caroline and daughter, Zawadi

DUE: JANUARY 31, 2018


Caroline was recently widowed when her husband, Joseph was brutally killed by Al-Shabaab militants. Caroline, who is in her late thirties, was a witness to it all and is “severely traumatized”. Their 17-year-old daughter, Zawadi, was out of town at the time.

Joseph was known in the area as an elder at a local church. He did communal farming, worked as a cook in a local hotel and also served as a night guard at the home of an expatriate family (who had to leave the area due to the deteriorating security situation).

Caroline runs a small kiosk to support herself and her daughter. Please pray that she would be encouraged and be able to hold on fast to God through this devastating time. Your Prayers and words of encouragement will give her much needed strength!

Al-Shabaab, an affiliate of Al-Qaeda, has targeted Kenyan Christians for years. You can read the news about this attack http://bit.ly/2xRxUMI

Former Governor of Jakarta – Ahok

DUE: JANUARY 31, 2018


Basuki Tjahaya Purnama, or fondly known as Ahok is former governor of Jakarta who was sent to jail recently for a politically manufactured blasphemy case.

During his three years administration, Ahok improved public services greatly. In the gubernatorial elections to secure a second term in 2016, Ahok made a speech against political actors, who had incited voters not to elect non-Muslims as leaders. He cited Quranic verses but this was used against him, and it was widely circulated that Ahok has blasphemed Islam.

Due to consistent and mounting pressures from Islamists, Ahok was officially charged for blasphemy. On 9 May 2017, he was found guilty of blaspheming Islam and sentenced to two years jail. When he was taken to prison, his sister shared that he took only his Bible. The Word of God, together with your letters, will encourage him to continue walking steadfastly with Jesus and be His witness in prison.

Bahrom Kholmatov and his wife Gulnora

DUE: JANUARY 31, 2018


Protestant church leader Bahrom Kholmatov (42) has been sentenced for three years for "singing extremist songs in church and so inciting religious hatred".

Bahrom is being held at the prison of Istaravshan. His wife Gulnora can visit him and she shared he is doing well (as much as possible in prison). She shared that Bahrom is prepared to complete his 3 year sentence, though he hopes to be released earlier. He is strong in faith.

Bahrom and Gulnora have three children, son Firdavs (21), son Firus (19) and daughter Gulnoza (14). Please encourage him and his family with a card or letter.

Please pray for his family as well as his church. May his flock grow spiritually strong through this situation and lean on God to be their support.


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Send a message of encouragement to a North Korean Believer

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