Thank you for your interest in inviting an Open Doors Canada speaker to your Church or event.

Open Doors Canada is gifted with a number of speakers who interact extensively with those who live out their faith in the
most dangerous places. You will be inspired by their stories.


Rev. Gary Stagg

Gary's passion for the plight of oppressed and marginalized Christians worldwide was first ignited during an investigative and life-changing missionary tour through a restricted nation. Since then, he has encouraged social justice, both as a mandate of faith and as an expression of Christian maturity. For more than thirty years, Gary has been involved in full-time ministry with an emphasis on the revitalization of Christian communities and the establishment of systems for assimilation and discipleship. Gary studied education and theology and has used that training to structure his passion for helping people stand firm in their faith and embrace a missional lifestyle. Gary and his wife Ruth reside in Mississauga, Ontario and are the proud parents of two adult children.


Rev. Paul Estabrooks

Paul has encouraged Christians in restricted countries as diverse as Cuba. Tibet. China, Mongolia, Africa. Latin America, the former USSR, South and South East Asia and the Middle East. He has authored several books, including "Escape from North Korea".

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Open Doors Canada does not require a speaking fee, but we do request the inviting group to be responsible for agreed upon travel expenses for the speaker(s). Please make all honorariums payable to Open Doors Canada and not to the speaker. Please sign our media agreement, which we will provide as part of the acceptance process. Please know that we prayerfully consider each invitation. You may expect to receive a response from us in 2-4 weeks.