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Humble Beginnings

In 1955, a young Dutch missionary discovered that Christians behind the Iron Curtain desperately needed the Word of God.

Brother Andrew (as he would later be known) distributed a suitcase full of Christian literature behind the Iron Curtain, marking the humble beginnings of Open Doors with Brother Andrew.

An international non-profit Christian organization, Open Doors has since grown into the oldest ministry operating discreetly behind closed borders, serving persecuted Christians in countries hostile to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God’s Smuggler  

In the late 1960s, Brother Andrew became known as “God’s Smuggler,“ after the title of his best-selling autobiography. This book had a tremendous impact on many Christians in the West who, for the first time, read about the pain and deprivation of their brothers and sisters living in restricted countries.

Now available in 27 languages, God’s Smuggler has helped to redefine the boundaries of modern missionary endeavour and has aroused millions to an awareness of the suffering Church in areas of limited access.

Bibles being Loaded

Project Pearl: in 1981, one million Bibles were delivered to a beach in China in just one night.

Global Ministry

Brother Andrew's one-man operation quickly broadened to delivering Bibles in China, Vietnam, and later Africa and the Muslim World.  In the early 1980s, Open Doors began to help persecuted Christians in Latin America as well.

Under Brother Andrew's leadership, Open Doors has gone where most western Christians dare not go. Today, Open Doors operates in approximately 60 countries.  In 2005, Open Doors celebrated 50 years of serving and strengthening those suffering for their faith in Jesus Christ.

As persecution increases, Open Doors will continue to go where faith costs the most, to equip and encourage Christians who are suffering for their faith.

Spiritual Training, Bible Distribution and More

Open Doors’ main work in the communist world involved the delivery of God’s Word, and prayer and presence ministry. However, as the ministry grew, it expanded its outreach to include leadership training and assistance, Christian community development and advocacy on behalf of persecuted believers, as well as economic relief for the families of prisoners and martyrs.

Open Doors’ underground network of indigenous Christians has aided in the secret distribution of millions of Bibles each year, worldwide.

In 2008, Open Doors delivered almost 3.9 million Bibles, children’s Bibles, study Bibles and other scriptural books and literature to persecuted Christians worldwide, and trained 114,400 pastors and church leaders. 

Brother Andrew: Open Doors

“Our very mission is called ‘Open Doors’ because we believe that any door is open, any time and anywhere….to proclaim Christ.”


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