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Flag of Iran


There was a significant crackdown on house churches in 2008. More than 50 Christians were arrested, interrogated and even beaten. One couple died of their injuries. There is still the possibility that those found guilty of converting from Islam (apostasy) will face a mandatory death sentence. Church services may be monitored by the secret police. Believers face great discrimination and can have difficulty finding and keeping jobs.

Prayer Points: 

  • Pray that the election due in June 2009 will bring new leaders ready to allow greater freedom
  • Pray for protection of mind and body for Christians in prison or under surveillance and for their families
  • Pray for those seeking to provide Bibles, training and encouragement to believers from a Muslim background.


Map of Iran

Key Facts:

Supreme Leader Ali Hoseini-Khamenei
71.2 million (0.35% Christian)
Theocratic Republic
Main Religions:


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