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Bible & Literature Distribution

Delivering Bibles to places where the Church suffered oppression was the first step Brother Andrew took in starting the ministry of Open Doors, whose ministry has remained focused on strengthening persecuted Christians since 1955.  While politics have changed over the years, and the borders of countries once closed by communism are opening up, the simple need for God’s Word remains a critical element of supporting our Christian brothers and sisters in the midst of persecution.
A Young Boy Reading a Children's Bible
God’s Word is vital to spiritual growth and essential for knowing God’s truth over competing faiths and ideologies.  Imagine how lost a new believer would be without a Bible, having to struggle to nurture a young faith in the face of pressures from their culture and the false teachings that are embraced where Christianity comprises only a small minority.  Even in Canada, where there are so many churches and we can hear the Bible taught on television or listen to praise music on the radio, we would have no foundation without God’s Word.  Knowing this, can you even believe that some churches are forced to survive on only one Bible?
A Woman Holding a Children's BibleIn 2014, our International teams were able to distribute over 3.1 million Bibles and other Christian resources, encouraging millions of believers every month.                                                         

Although China saw the significant decrease, the Middle East saw an increase of distribution, almost doubling the amount of materials delivered in 2013. This increase demonstrates the preparedness of Open Doors to move when opportunities arise.

We invite you to join us in responding to God’s desire for us to minister to the Church where it is embattled.  This is your chance to make a difference in countless lives throughout the world!

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