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Confusion around Pakistani Christian boy's burns death, amid communal tensions
A funeral was held for Nauman Masih, 14, at St. Ignatius Catholic Church in Lahore on 15 April.World Watch MonitorA 14-year-old Christian boy, who was first... Read more »
'I need God to help me forget'
Frederick Gitonga, 21, chairman of the Christian Union at Garissa University College.Courtesy Open Doors InternationalThe chairman of Garissa University... Read more »
Turkish authorities ask tiny Christian community to help Yezidi refugees
A Yezidi refugee camp in Suruc, near the Syrian border, March 2015Photo: Ricardo PessoaAs a Turkish Christian, Ender Peker is used to facing hostility from... Read more »
Kenya mourns students 'killed while praying'
A memorial service will be held in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, today (9 April) to commemorate the 148 students killed by Al Shabab last... Read more »
Turkey's Orthodox and Protestants mend centuries of mistrust
Courtyard of long abandoned Mardin Protestant Church, March 2015Photo: WWMOn a Saturday in late March, a group of 20 volunteers went to an abandoned... Read more »
Assyrian Christians flee jihadists to southeast Turkey
Fr. Gabriel Akyuz of Kirklar Church. He is one of four church leaders overseeing aid distribution, Mar 2015
Photo: WWMA... Read more »
The man who talks to Boko Haram
Davis believes powerful figures with “vested interests” sabotaged efforts to free the Chibok girlsPhoto: Stephen DavisOne year after the... Read more »
'Are you ready to renounce your Christian faith?'
Anticipation of further violence as Nigeria begins voting for its next president is growing after the release of a new video shows Boko Haram leader, Abubakar... Read more »
Boko Haram headlines hide persecution of Christians in mid-Nigeria, too
Fulani herdsman in Mpape,
 near Nigerian capital Abuja, Nov 2014Photo: World Watch MonitorThe whole world has heard of the... Read more »
Gunmen kill 100 Christian villagers in central Nigeria
Remains of a house set ablaze during attack by Fulani herdsmen, Benue state March 2015Photo: World Watch MonitorWhile all eyes are on Nigeria’s... Read more »

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Christian scholar William Barclay once said that New Testament Christians had three characteristics: “One, they were filled with an irrational love for their enemies; two, they were absurdly happy, and three, they were always in trouble.” What type of Christian is likely to get into trouble for their faith in the world today? Here is a list of the six top categories based on the data from the 2014 World Watch List!


If you are a House church Christian in North Korea. North Korea does not allow anyone to gather to worship any God other than Kim Il Sung and his family, and the apparatus of the state will stop at nothing to root out secret Christians.


If you are a Muslim Background Believer, particularly in Islamic states. Muslim states forbid conversion away from Islam, and often families will take violent action against their own kin even when local laws are more liberal.


If you are a Christian who evangelises in Muslim dominated areas. Even if you are living in a Christian majority country, there are areas that are predominantly Muslim, such as Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania. Evangelists are not welcome in these areas with the good news, and often face violence as a consequence of speaking the Gospel.


If you are a Hindu Background Believer in the more lawless states or Hindurun states of India. Evangelists can be very badly beaten for their witness, and often run the gauntlet as at least seven states in India have anti-conversion laws, and Hindu mobs are well organised in many more.


If you are a Christian from a historic tradition in the Middle Eastern states affected by the Arab Spring. The headlines often get dominated by the plight of Muslim Background Believers, but even in the Middle East – ironically the cradle of Christianity – Christian background believers (belonging to mainly Orthodox and Catholic churches) are under great pressure. Sizable and ancient communities of faith exist in Egypt, Iraq and Syria – all of which are in the top 25 of the WWL. In Syria tens of thousands of Christians have had to flee their homes simply for the fact of being Christian.


If you are a believer who has left the Orthodox Church in Ethiopia. Historically many Christians have been persecuted by other Christians, and an on-going example of this is in Ethiopia, #15 on the WWL. This country boasts an ancient Orthodox church, but there is much about this church that is lifeless and dead, and some Christians have left it to find a more vibrant Christian life, often in more independent, Pentecostal churches. This has aroused the ire of the Orthodox Church leaders, who do all they can to pressure the church leavers to return.



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